Wesley John Fourie is an artist based on the Milford Track in UNESCO World Heritage Site, ’Fiordland National Park’ on the west coast of New Zealand’s south island.

Their work is the amalgamation of an interest in the role of queer identity, spirituality, and the relationship between nature and the divine. Between the two countries they create multimedia art that manifests in large scale knitted objects, large scale paintings, and smaller, highly detailed drawings. Their work has also been installative, ephemeral, written, and performative, with a focus on textiles and treating nature as art.
Wesley’s practice is largely inspired by the natural world in which most of their time is spent, which has lead to their celebrating the mystical in our arboreal environment. In recent years, Wesley John has begun a spiritual exploration which has lead to extended periods of time spent across the Indian Subcontinent.

Their work is held in private collections across New Zealand, India, Japan, Nepal, Germany, Italy, and Australia.

They can be reached by email at wesleyjohnfourie@gmail.com
and found on instagram at @wesleyjohnfourie once a month or so.
Due to the nature of working in a forest for six months at a time emails can take a small while to be replied to, but will be checked when possible.