Exhibtions and Installations

Pazi Sta Radis - solo show for Depot Artspace for ArtWeek 2015, New Zealand

which one of us makes the most money? - group show at Pearce Gallery 2015, New Zealand

okadokio pinnochio - solo installation at DCG 2016, New Zealand

Great! Wow! Awesome! - solo installation at Bakehouse Gallery 2016, New Zealand

kissing under the pergola in the centre of heaven - ephemeral installation atop Mount Dandenong 2016, Australia

the heaven inside is you - solo installation for Dunedin Fringe Festival 2017, New Zealand

my life in the bush of ghosts - solo show at Owaka museum 2017, New Zealand

Art in the Garden - group show at Catlins Botanical Gardens 2018, New Zealand

Hope and Sons Art Awards - group show at Dunedin Art Society 2018, New Zealand

something like love - solo installation at cafe shanti 2018, India

Edge of the World - group show at Waikawa Hall, 2019, New Zealand

Otago Taste of Art - group show at Tapanui, 2019, New Zealand

eternal sunshine, sacred mountains - artist residency at AZIMVTH Ashram, 2019, India