song for tomorrows sun

something like love hums through my body as water laps rocks down a river,
something more; like a glimpse of god,
an understanding,
a promise for tomorrow,
something sweet; like the milk of a mother,
with juice ripe like that of a plum,
a glimpse into the future,
a kiss,
a promise,
a prayer.
I wish for an understanding,
but I am living in Maya,
attainment; of a love once lost,
in another life,
I shall gleam into a light as loud as a sun,
and let her light come streaming into my life.
I dream of a land of yes,
but let me be thankful,
to show gratitude,
and I shall pledge myself to she;
mighty wolf mother! let her great warm arms lift me unto the heavens!
as they rise upwards and outwards from beneath the earth,
let my soul be swallowed whole,
pluck me straight from the branch and digest me,
I am ready
I am waiting,
I am warm.